About Olive Crescent Scholars

Olive Crescent Scholars, an Islamic nursery and primary school was founded on Monday 26th of September, 2011, with the aim of establishing a whole – child education. We are passionately interested in molding the personalities of our pupils into healthy and independent individuals, who are not only equipped with individuals, who are not only equipped with academic excellence, but also able to face the challenges of life in a balanced and harmonious way.

We are highly committed to meet the requirements of Muslim parents for quality education that incorporates Islamic studies and values into their children.


Extending values beyond the classroom by making sure skills and concepts taught in the classroom are authentically useful in the world beyond school.


We are passionate in our quest of building great ambassadors of Islam, who will stand out in excellence all over the globe.


We are set to create a conducive learning environment, where every child discovers and realizes his/her full potential.

Our Core Values

In order to actualize our dream of moulding our children into great personalities and responsible citizens of the world, we religiously adhere to the following

5 Core Values

Islamic ethos – All our activities resonate our identity as Muslims. We engage the children in Islamic knowledge, Arabic Studies, Quranic recitation and memorization.


•Inclusive Learning – At OCS, learning is fun, individualized and inclusive. We ensure every child learns at his/her pace and no child is left behind during the learning process.


Independent minds– We strongly believe in the potentiality of the child. We are aware of the fact that children have innate abilities and we encourage them to express their thoughts as they explore their environment.

Innovative Hands– “The hand is the instrument of man’s intelligence”; says Dr. Maria Montessori. In line with this belief, we engage our children in hands-on activities which help in building their creativity and widening their imaginations.


Integrity – Our children learn to develop self- discipline through their interaction with our prepared environment. We believe in the Montessori principle of Education For Life and that is why our focus goes beyond academic excellence. We groom our children to become reliable, responsible and respectable individuals.