Our Method Of Education And Curriculum

Education at OCS is diverse and broad-based. Our learners dictate the curriculum, we identify their needs and design a curriculum that suits them. Our approach to the teaching-learning process is quite distinct and unique, in the sense that we infuse different methodologies, styles and curricular into our specially prepared curriculum

Our special features include:
  1. Nigerian Curriculum
  2. British Curriculum
  3. Islamic and Arabic Education
  4. Montessori Method Of Education
  5. STEAM Education
  6. Project- Based Learning
  7. Extra- Curricular Activities

Our Classrooms And Categories Of Learners

We run from Preschool to Elementary six.
Our Preschool Classes

•Toddler Class – This is the preparatory level of education. We admit children between 18months and 2 years into this class and they get promoted to the next class, immediately they clock age 3. At this stage the children learn unconsciously by relating with their environment. Exposing them to various activities and materials that stimulate all their sense organs help them to learn effortlessly.


•Montessori Foundation Class – In this category, we have children between the ages of 3 and 5+. The vertical grouping of the children helps them to learn how to relate with each other in their mixed-age environment, which serves as a micro society. The older children learn to take responsibility and care for the younger ones, while younger ones learn from the older members of the classroom. All the children learn to love, trust and respect one another as they relate together. At this stage, the children are more conscious of their environment, so learning becomes conscious and purposeful for them.

Our Elementary Classes

•Montessori Elementary 1-4 – This category of learners are children between the ages of 5+ and 9+. The children continue their learning process, at this stage they engage in advance activities that keep stimulating them to learn more about their environment and the world at large.


Elementary 5- 6 – This category includes learners between the ages of 9+ and 11. At this stage our learners are exposed to various aspects of learning. They explore their immediate and global environment in quest for knowledge. They engage in more competitive learning activities both within and outside the school. We groom them in the areas of pubic speaking, presentations, quiz and debates, in order to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Our Dream

We have a big dream and Bi’idnillah we shall actualize it! Our dream is to become a household name both nationally and globally.


To become a world class institution of change, where solutions to the world’s problems are created.